Words of Hope

The age of talking about Truth is over,  and now it is the age of becoming Truth.

Excerpt Title:A Person Must Be Truth In Order to Teach Truth

"The countless different religious sects and denominations in the world claim that Truth exists within their organization and that their religion is right. However people do not actually know what is right because they do not have wisdom; instead, they insist that their religion is the right one. Ultimately, conflicts arise because a perfect or complete organization does not exist. If it had existed, religions would not have split into so many different sects and denominations because everyone would have joined it.

A place that is true and complete has to be a place that enables people to become the existence of Truth itself.

We believe there have been numerous enlightened people in the world, and many people have spoken as though they know Truth. However, if these people have been truly enlightened, a method for other people to become so would exist, and an organization where that method is taught would also exist. People who we believe have been enlightened were only enlightened to a certain extent, and the level of their enlightenment varied from person to person.

In Maum Meditation (centers where the meditation method is used, please see question related to name change), it can be said that a person has been “enlightened” even after the first and second level. However true enlightenment is when one has become Truth itself- when one’s past self no longer exists.

If a method had existed, everyone would already have become enlightened, and the world would have become one. Everyone would already be living in paradise, and the world would have become a peaceful place.

If there had been an enlightened person who taught people how to become like him, such a place would presently exist. But as far as I know, there is no such place in the world at the at the moment.

People blindly believe anything they are told, the words of any ghost, as being the words of enlightenment, but if you ask anybody who has completed the meditation if there had been any enlightened person in the world, they all reply in the negative.

A method that enables man to become complete now exists in the world because over the last eight years (at that time it was 2004) I was enlightened of such a method, or more precisely, the method of the eight levels of meditation.

There was not one person who successfully achieved these levels on their own no matter how hard they tried. The methods of each level must be taught and guided for a person to be able to achieve them. If a method does not exist, it is impossible to get to the place of Truth.

It is said in the Bible that such an end can only be achieved through the grace of God, and this is indeed true. A person can teach only as much as what he holds in his mind, therefore only the existence of Truth can teach Truth."

Myung, Woo. (2013) Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World, page 185-186, italicized content within brackets added

Excerpt Title: What Is Truth; What Is The Existence Of Truth?

"Worldly preconceptions teach us that Truth is something that is eternal and never-changing. I, too, teach that Truth is eternal, never-changing and living. I also teach what worldly preconceptions do not—what the existence of Truth is. It is the place before all material form was created; in other words, Truth is the emptiness that remains when you take away everything in the sky that is the Universe- the starts, sun, the moon and the Earth and even all material substances from the air.

Truth, the emptiness, is an existence that is alive; it existed before the beginning, exists now and will continue to exist for all eternity. This existence is the origin of Truth. Everything that exists in the world appeared from this place of non-existence. Since all creation came from this existence whether or not those creations exists, they are this existence. Since all creation came from this existence, whether or not those creations exists, they are this existence.

This existence always just exists, but man cannot see or know this existence that is the origin and the source because it does not exists in his mind. The human mind is a mind that takes pictures of the world. The sky or the Universe inside a picture is not alive, which is why man is not able to know this existence. It is not possible to see or know this existence unless one’s mind becomes one with it.

This existence is the living God which existed before the beginning of time and which will continue to exist after the whole world has disappeared. Religions call this existence God, Buddha, Allah and the Creator, amongst other things. This existence is the master of the world that created the whole of the Universe. All material forms in this world come from and go back to this existence; this is Truth and the way of the world. Where do all the numerous people, animals, and plants go after living on Earth? Haven’t they vanished? Haven’t all these things gone back to the place of non-existence? This is the way of the world. Whether or not something exists in material form, it is always this existence.

When the existence of Truth comes to this world in human form, the world can be reborn as the body and mind of this existence in the world of this existence, namely, heaven. Then this world of heaven is the eternally living land with no death. This world is a spiritual land beyond material existence. It is the land of the Holy Father and the Holy Spirit, the land of Dharmakaya and Sambhogakaya and the land of the Soul and Spirit.

Heaven is the place where the material realm in this world has been reborn in the land of the origin as the Soul and Spirit of the origin. Nothing that is material in the world is eternal; however, the sky of the Universe- the existence of Truth- is eternal. Therefore, only when one is reborn with the body and mind, the Jung and Shin of the original sky, which is the heaven amongst heavens, can he become Truth and live for eternity. Truth is that which exist; it is eternal, never-changing and alive."

Myung, Woo. (2012) Stop Living in This Land Go to The Everlasting World of Happiness Live There Forever, Page 71-73.

Excerpt Title: We Must Gain Eternal Life and Go to Heaven While We are Living

"We must gain eternal life and go to heaven while we are living. It is illogical and nonsensical to believe in a heaven that one goes to after he is dead. Material civilization has developed at such a fast pace that our lives have become infinitely more comfortable and more abundant that in the past. ​

However, man lives tied to his material reality and he depends solely on the words of religion, ideology and philosophy for spiritual matters. He is ignorant of the higher, more complete state of being – when such words actually become his, that is, when he becomes Truth by becoming complete in matters of spirituality. His conceptions and habits have become the absolute; he believes that what he does is right and that only his actions are correct. Thus, man lives as a slave to his conceptions and habits.

He does not know that heaven and hell are and he does not know whether he will truly live or die. There is no one who knows the fundamental principles of the world.

The principles of heaven and earth, or rather, the principles of Truth, are that the world and all creations are already complete. There is a Korean saying that one asked the way while he is already on the path, which means that one looks for something that right under his nose. In the same way, while man is already living in heaven, heaven does not exist for him because he does not have heaven within him. Man’s consciousness has taken in or “eaten” so many different minds while living in the world. He lives as a slave to those minds because he has never discharged any of the waste. Even when we eat food, we must eat and appropriate amount and excrete out what we do not need. Man has “eaten” so many different shadows of this past without excreting any of it, and they are embedded din every single cell of his body. Just as it is possible to clone a monkey from just on cell of its body, the cells of our bodies are made through the forms of our minds.

Man cannot know Truth because his entire body is filled with illusions, shadows. If he eliminates all of this falseness, only Truth remains. Trust is an existence that always just exists no matter how much you may try to discard or get rid of it.

Heaven exists insides one’s mind when he has become Truth by transcending his conceptions and habits; when Truth becomes his self. If one does not become the existence of Truth, the Creator, while he is living he cannot go to heaven.

Heaven is the land of Truth and the Creator. Man can become Truth when he discards all of his falseness and gives himself completely to the existence of Truth. When his self and Truth completely become one, heaven exists within him.

A person who has become Truth knows both that he has become Truth and that he has been born in heaven. He lives in the land of Truth that is heaven and he works for heaven so that he may have influence and rights here.

One lives in heaven only when he is in heaven while he is alive, and a person who has heaven while he is living, goes to heaven. Man cannot go to heaven because he does not have heaven within him. For a person who believes that he will go to heaven if he has faith, his definition of faith is wrong, and he cannot get there with such kind of faith. One must repent a hundred percent in order to be resurrected as a child of Truth and go to heaven.

One is being followed if he believes that he will go to heaven after he dies- it is illogical. Heaven is a world where only those who have been resurrected as the very Energy and Light that is the Creator and Truth can live."

Myung, Woo. (2013) Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World, page 95-97.

Excerpt Title: Let Us Go to Heaven While Living

"In life, we often hear the terms “heaven” or “paradise.” In every religion, we hear that those who do good deeds in life will go to heaven or paradise while those who do bad things will go to hell. This is why many people think about whether heaven exists. However, there is no answer from within the human mind world and many try to get to heaven through practicing religion. ​​

The true heaven is not some fantastical place- it is here; it is this world. This world is the true world free from one’s mind world. One’s mind world – the world made by taking pictures of the world from within one’s mind world- is hell. When this world is completely destroyed, it is heaven, which is this world right here. Hell is the illusionary world and heaven is the real world: the world of the true Soul and Spirit, which is the origin of the world.

When a person becomes one with the mind of Truth, the true world, while he is living, he has the world that is the Soul and Sprit of Truth in this mind that has become true. This world is heaven. A person who does not go to heaven while he is living is in a world of hell. Heaven does not exist in hell so he ends up dying. He dies because he is in a world of illusion. One must change his human mind to the mind of God while he is living in order to live in the land of God. Then he is in heaven. If he is to be born and live in heaven, one must become complete while he is alive."

Myung, Woo. (2012) Stop Living in This Land Go to The Everlasting World of Happiness Live There Forever, Page 184-195.

Excerpt Title: The Dawning Of A New World Is The Dawning Of A New Consciousness

"The apocalypse has always been a much discussed topic, and it said that when it happens everyone will die. It is often said that there will be a new world. New Religions have often misrepresented what a “new world” and “apocalypse” mean; and many people have taken these phrases literally, with some going as far as living their lives according to these wrong literal misinterpretations.​

Although it is believed that the meaning of “a dawning of a new world” is that the world will turn inside out, the true meaning is that the world- heaven and earth- will reopen. To reopen does not mean that heaven and earth will change. What it means is that whereas previously heaven, earth and man existed separately, the heaven and earth will exist in man, and that man will become the master of heaven and earth."

Myung, Woo. (2013) Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World, page 52.