Frequently Asked Questions

The Method

Why is this method so revolutionary?

This method is an historic milestone because what has been sought by spiritual and philosophical traditions throughout the history of mankind— a return to the origin, or the state of completion or oneness with all things —is now a reality. For more specifics about the method you can click the method tab on this website.

Is prior experience with meditation required?

No. The method is designed to be accessible to all people regardless of education, age, experience with meditation, etc. Even children as young as six years old usually grasp the concept right away and love it.

What meditation method do you use?

Our method is a simple program consisting of seven levels used to discard the false self (the ego). The method itself is unprecedented and the purpose is to change the human mind to the infinite mind of the universe.

During an interview in January of 2002 the founder described the method as "about completely eliminating minds through cleansing the mind. It is also possible to completely discard the habits that our bodies are steeped in. When our minds and bodies have been thus completely discarded, Truth that is within oneself emerges. This is the way to achieve human completion." (Excerpt: Woo Myung, Gwangil Kim, Sangdon Shin, and Gisook Kim, A Discussion of The Mind Truth and Subtraction Meditation, 2002, South Korea. Web Resource: Retrieved, November 10, 2016,

What does the method consist of?

The meditation is simple guided method with the sole objective to discard the false self. The overall program consists of seven (7) levels/ steps that discard different parts of the false self using different techniques in each level. Enlightenments about the universe correspond to each level; as one moves along the levels they enlighten to the consciousness of the universe to the extent that his or her false self has been discarded. See The Method Tab for more information.

What is enlightenment and how can we become enlightened?

Enlightenment is when one comes to know Truth. It is not simply knowing Truth in theory, but truly accepting it in one’s heart. Enlightenment in one’s heart is the discovery of one’s real self – the discovery of the place of one’s mind. This is the only Truth that exists in the world, and it is everlasting and never-changing.

Are you required to believe in something new or in a doctrine, in order to practice this method?

No. The method is simply about discarding what is false. The message is very basic and logical: nature itself is always at peace and all we need to do is subtract our own self-made mind world of stress in order to return to nature.

Is this meditation a religion?

No. This meditation transcends religion; those who engage in this study find within themselves that all religions are one. This meditation is not about believing in “Truth,” rather becoming Truth itself. This method is truly miraclous.

Do you have to believe in a doctrine to meditate?

No. All that the student engages in is disgarding attachments, stress and burdens. There is no dogma or doctrine that you must believe in this meditation practice. Rather, it allows you to become Truth itself and experience it as a living embodiment. If the method is done correctly, anyone can return to true nature because it is your birthright.

Are students encouraged to engage in dialogue about their process with the method?

Yes. Given the magnitude of this meditation, questions, comments, disagreements, and/ or dialogs are welcomed as well as encouraged. Nonetheless, the style of the dialogue is always subject to the personality of your guide(s) at a center. Students are encouraged to seek discussions with guides whom they feel are a better fit for their own process along this path. Many meditation guides are of Korean descent and this can add to language and cultural barriers at times for Western students new to the practice. However, overall the method and the results from the method transcend culture and race.

Ultimately, the objective of the method is to discard the self and not to create new concepts, beliefs or thoughts, therefore students along with staff, are encouraged to throw away whatever comes up.

Did this method have a different name?

Yes. The centers were originally referred to as Maum Meditation (a direct translation of the Korean name 마음수련 "ma-um su-ryun". "마음 maum" means 'mind/heart' and "수련 su-ryun" means 'training/meditation'). The name of the centers were changed to better reflect the independence of each center because most of them legally, operationally, and financially run as independent non-profits. For example if a center is located in a town called "Pleasantville" the meditation center takes the name of the neighborhood "Pleasantville Meditation." Furthermore, the name changes were meant to increase the relatability to each culure, rather than focusing on a Korean word to express "heart/mind training." In Korean, 마음수련 "Ma-Um Su-Ryun" is just an ordinary description, 'mind training/meditation', for a simple method that anyone can do. The centers where this method is used are still growing and trying to determine the most culturally appropiate way to articulate this method, therefore it is now called a variety of things, such as the Meditation Method, Subtraction Meditation, Maum etc. Visit for more information about ‘Ma-Eum Su-Ryun’.

How is the mind cleansed in each level?

We have heard the expression ‘to cleanse one’s mind.’ The expression exists because the false mind exists.

In Level One of Maum Meditation (please see question related to name change), one discards one’s entire life that one has lived and is thus enlightened of the fact that one is the Universe, God or Buddha. Being enlightened is the same as hearing an answer from God to one’s prayer.

In Level Two, one discards one’s own ideas about who one deems oneself to be so that one no longer has one’s mind within. Accordingly, such a person is enlightened of the fact that both the inside and outside of himself are one so that he is one with the Universe; he comes to know he has been ride of all his demons within.

In Level Three, one abandons and discards one’s body. In the process, one comes to realize that the Universe is inside oneself.

Level Four is about seeing the Body and Mind of the Universe. This Body and Mind is also referred to as the ‘Jung’ and Shin’, the Sambhogakaya and Dharmakaya, and the Holy Sprit and Holy Father.

Level Five is about becoming the Body and Mind of the Universe and realizing what Gautama Buddha meant when he said, “Above and below heaven, foremost am I.” Once one ’s self has died and one has been reborn as the sole God or Buddha, one is enlightened of the eternal and everlasting Heaven, which is Level Six.

By Level Seven, one’s self has totally died and one has become the Universe itself. One has been born again so that in Level Eight one lives the life of true Paradise, which is the Universe. In other words, this earth is both Heaven and the Land of Buddha where man can live.

However, for all of the above to be fulfilled, we must receive the answer to prayer from God. We must become enlightened.

Source: "How To Cleanse The Mind" in the Book, World Beyond World. (2003. Page 41-41)

This method sounds too good to be true. Is it too good to be true?

Many of us also thought the same when we started, but the effects of the method are real. This is why guides and other students at the centers are so excited about sharing it with others. We do not ask you to believe anything. Rather, we invite you to throw away and experience it on your own. The community that practices this method is coexisting together working to help others achieve human completion. The experience of achieving completion before death is relatively new to the modern materialistic culture. This community is working hard to articulate this unprecedented experience of joy and peace. As of 2017, 4,556 people have reached a state of completion. You can find student testimonies on the link provided under "student reviews." There are also studies and research exploring the method’s effectiveness. (please see question related to research)

Is there academic research related to the efficiency of the method?

Yes, quite a lot. However most of the research has not yet been translation into English. Please visit the websites below for published research into the method:

Academy Of Human Completion, South Korea:

Research Center for Human Completion:

Infographics with survey studies:

What is action meditation or young-nong?

Most contemplative practices have a movement component. "Young-nong" meditation is the action component that is provided as an option for students (level 4 and up) in the subtraction method as a way of cleansing the body and mind.

At the main center, students take part in activities that are related to the centers' self-sufficiency, including planting and harvesting food, cooking and serving meals for other students and various housing keeping chores. At local centers, students can choose to engage in any action to help around the center. Action meditation is powerful and provides students an opportunity to observe and reflect on the minds that appear and discard these minds. Most students throughly enjoy action meditation and if they do not enjoy it they can chose to decline. Furthermore, action meditation allows a student to contribute in helping more people become the universe mind; this enables the student him/herself to actually live as the selfless universe mind.

Method's Founder

Who developed the method to reach completion?

Woo, Myung developed a step by step method for people to reach completion. He was born in the midst of the Korean civil war, in a village called Euisung of Kyungbook province, South Korea. Woo, Myung is and was an ordinary person who achieved enlightenment after deep introspection about life and existence in January of 1996. When he became Truth, he dedicated his life to teaching others to become Truth and developed a meditation method, which was completed as a program in 2012, when the first people started reaching completion in level (7) seven.

Woo, Myung is known for being a spiritual leader who works harder and endeavors more than the students who come to learn from him. He travels the world for the majority of the year giving lectures and spreading his message of Truth and hope so that others have access to the method. He once said, “It is not my purpose to make disciples. I am here to make masters.” (Retrieved November 10, 2016 from

For more information about the founder, please visit

Do you have to follow or worship any teachers or instructors?

No. In fact in the book, World Beyond World (2003) in the section titled, ‘People Look At the Finger Instead Of the Moon It Points To,’ Teacher Woo states: “I teach Truth, and there have been many people who have been following me. My aim has always been to teach people of Truth, but I pity those who seem to have followed me instead of following Truth. Truth is the world as it is and as we live it.” (page 108)

Needless to say, the more a student enlightens to the Universe, they become grateful for the method and to the founder who created the method to make this state of peace possible. Each person has his or her own personality, culture, and ways of expressing gratitude; some ways might come off as 'worshipping' and other ways may appear ‘normal.’ Nevertheless, the founder clearly states that his wish is for each person to discard their false selves and find their True selves and not to worship anyone or anything (refer to for more information). By discarding with the method, you will be able to see for yourself as well.

Why is the founder of the method able to teach Truth?

Woo, Myung fully enlightened to Truth, therefore he is able to teach others to become Truth; he affirms: “A person can teach only as much as what he holds in his mind, therefore only the existence of Truth can teach Truth." (Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World. 2013, pages 185-186).

In addition, he affirms:

“Throughout the years, I have been trying to teach people Truth, and this Truth that I teach is boundless. Many people have been very suspicious and judgmental towards me, but the fact of the matter is, we are only able to offer to others what we are capable of, just as we can only teach as much as we ourselves can do. If a person were to go to the Shaolin Monastery in China, he could learn Shaolin martial arts. If there were a person who could breathe out fire from his mount, one could go to him to learn this skill. If there were a person who could fly, one could go to him to learn how. If there were an all-knowing wise man, one could go to him in order to learn his wisdom. When a person comes to Maum Meditation (see question about name change), he can become Truth by practicing Maum Meditation. For sure, Maum Meditation can offer Truth because it has Truth – it can teach Truth because it has Truth. Therefore, it is natural that only a person who is, himself, Truth can teach the way to Truth.” (Woo, Myung. World Beyong World, 2003, brackets added, page 205)

What books has Woo Myung written and how are they best understood?

Teacher Woo, Myung’s books were written with only the wish for all people to shed their suffering and burdens, and live life born as Truth that is a great freedom.

His literature is best comprehended as an accompaniment to the process of meditating. This is because by engaging in the method, his texts become a lived embodiment. Students also organically begin to understand the great spiritual texts throughout history, such as: The Buddhist Sutras, The Bible, Tao Te Ching, etc. because they were written from the perspective of the infinite universe.

For a more detailed understanding of the topics discussed on this website, please see Woo, Myung’s numerous books, listed below:

Myung, W. (2013) Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2009) The Way to Become a Person While Living. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2003) World Beyond World Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2012) Where you Become True Is the Place of Truth. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2012) The Living Eternal World. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2012) Mind. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2012) Nature’s Flow. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

Myung, W. (2013) The Enlightened Word. Sunnyvale, CA: Cham Books

His books are available for purchase at most centers or at

What is human completion?

Human completion means becoming a whole person. A complete person is someone who does not suffer because he/she lacks nothing because they have become the Mind of Great Nature, the Universe, buddha, christ, etc. Human completion is relatively new and historic in scope. That a human being is complete means he has become God. God is eternal and indestructible, and therefore He does not die. God just is. The completion of man refers to him becoming perfectly complete and thus becoming the eternal and indestructible God. He who has become God allows for all creation to be born into the Land of God, the Land of Buddha, and true Paradise, all by the will of God. Furthermore, he himself lives in that Land of Buddha and true Paradise. A person who has reached completion while he is alive will live in Heaven even after his body dies on earth for such a person is one who has reached human completion.” Source: (Woo, Myung. World Beyond World, 2003, page 207)

Why might it be difficult for people to recognize the existence of Truth when it comes?

Teacher Woo sheds light on this in Heaven’s Formula for Saving the World when he states (2013): “Teacher Jung-san told us that the Great Do or Path that will make the world to become one will come from outside the current systems. This means that the Path will not come from existing religions." (page 105)

Why are there no pictures of Woo Myung on the internet or at the centers?

What is most important is for people to find Truth within and not to worship Teacher Woo as an idol. To worship him or to follow him would be a picture, or in other words an illusion, that is human falseness. Teacher Woo teaches how to cleanse the mind of falseness to find Truth within. Teacher Woo teaches people how to become their own masters, however, over the past 20 years since he started to teach, many people have misunderstand the true meaning of his teachings. Most great spiritual Teachers throughout history have been misinterpreted at some point.

Meditation Guides

​Who are helpers and what do they do?

Helpers are people who have completed the meditation course and decided that they themselves would also like to guide people through the meditation process. Their goal is to work together as one mind in order to take care of and develop the center and guide people who wish to reach the state of completion. The wide range of tasks that helpers perform in order to do so includes, but is not limited to: guiding students with the method, organizing events at the center, promotion activities outside of the center, bookkeeping, etc. Just like any other job or volunteer position, helpers take personal days, vacations, and sick days when desired. Helpers are essentially everyday people who have become complete with the meditation method. Out of love and appreciation for Truth, they are now volunteering to help others achieve human completion. They are dedicating their time and effort to help others. To that end, they work together as one mind in order to disseminate the good word.

As a helper, is it part of the job to relocate?

Helpers sometimes relocate to other centers by choice or if they are offered a position and they desire to take it. They accept or deny positions just like any other job or volunteer opportunity. When a center is growing or a new position is open at a center, centers will coordinate to request new staff members. A helper can deny the offer or request a different position. All relocation fees are paid by the center that is welcoming the new helper.

How do advertising and public relations operate?

Helpers and members of each center plan promotional events and organize retreats. Each local center publicizes itself to reach people who are interested in and ready for this journey. Anyone can get involved in these projects if they wish.

Hear from helpers

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Community & Centers

How many centers are there worldwide?

Because of the unprecedented results of the method, its popularity is rapidly growing every year. As of 2016, there were 345 centers in 41 countries around the world. Our community is budding as a grassroots effort, evolving gradually with greater cultural competency each day to share this sacred path with people from around the globe.

How does the center/ community operate both locally and globally?

Each center runs independently and most are non-profit organizations with a separate board of directors and elected representatives. As a non-profit, each center operates using democratic principles that value the inherent equality and value of all members and share in mutual aid, which is True co-existence in action.

On a local level, centers by geographical region gather for meetings on a regular basis, and if centers are too far away from other centers to meet in person, they will meet via Skype. These meetings include attendance by boards of directors, staff, and volunteers who meet to support each other to develop personally and professionally. The number of helpers also varies from center to center and they all work together as equals.

Internationally, there is a main center in Nonsan, South Korea, where members can experience intensive meditation retreats weekly along with action meditation. There are also multilingual conferences and retreats held across the globe; in the past, they have been held in Japan, Argentina, United States, South Korea and more.

Does this meditation influence in changing your relationship with your family and friends?

Those who engage in this meditation experience increased satisfaction in interpersonal relationships with friends, family, and work. Overall, the benefits from the meditation bring people, communities, and families closer together; family members and friends even join because of the improvements they’ve witnessed. Many meditators also share that they are now better able to instinctively distance themselves from harmful and/or abusive people.

What is the business status of the centers?

In the United States each center is run separately and most are recognized as its own non-for-profit organization. Please ask your center if payments are tax-deductible.

Is this meditation a religion?

No. This meditation transcends religion; those who engage in this study find within themselves that all religions are one. This meditation is not about believing in “Truth,” but rather it is about becoming Truth itself.

Is this meditation community a "cult?"

There are numerous definitions for the term "cult" and it is not our place to define anything to you other than our method and mission.

However, what can be said is that this community is commonly experienced as a loving, accepting, and safe environment that is evolving everyday as a healthy community. The founder of the method is experienced as someone who is the full embodiment of his teachings, who wishes to help people become their own masters by becoming Truth. All involvement by community members, helpers and students is by free choice and students and/or helpers leave or come back any time they want. The people that practice this meditation or have reached completion through it are not bound by any particular set of beliefs. It is their own personal experience that is important. The reverence and appreciation they might hold for the founder of the method and the community of members is also as a result of their own gratefulness, not any outside influence. The fact that everything comes from our own experience makes it in most definitions the opposite of a cult. There is no teaching of beliefs only disgarding with the method.

Ultimately, like anything in life, you can only come to know what something is by trying it out for yourself. So we encourage you to come to your own conclusions and trust your own experince.

What is the goal of the method/community?

The goal is to help as many people as possible become and live completely and truly as the universe mind. The founder states:

"'This meditation is about living for others once you have achieved completion by discarding yourself through cleansing your mind.' This is not a conscious act of ‘goodness’ or charity but a change that comes about naturally in the process of meditation. A person who has discarded his self knows that he and the world are not separate but one, so he lives for others without the thought or the mind that he is doing something ‘good’. When one subtracts his false minds, his original nature – his true mind – emerges, and the conception of you and me disappears. Therefore he is able to live the most joy-filled life." (Retrieved November 20th, 2017 from

What is the founder’s great message of hope for the world?

The teacher Woo implores:

“My message to the living is for us to make this world into the true Paradise together! We were brought into this world in order to make it possible for all creations to live. However, the hearts of men are filled with fear, and so people no longer live like human beings but instead they live selfishly for themselves. They live within the confines of their narrow frames of mind and so there is nowhere for Truth to settle its roots. Furthermore, even though Truth has arrived, man’s own demons pretend to be greater and more righteous than Truth, which is why this world is all false.

Only heaven is righteous and no other. So I implore the living to sum up all our strength and make this demon world into that of Heaven.” (World Beyond World, 2003, page 145)

Our desire is that you too can hear this message of hope so that together we can create a world of peaceful coexistence. Lets build this world together!

I have a concern about something in my center? Who should I speak to?

As a general guideline it is probably best to speak to the person that you may have a conflict or would like to share a concern/ suggestion with directly. If for whatever reason you feel that that is not an option, you can always speak with a guide from another center. If you would like to speak to someone anonymously please email the contact us form (you will be connected with a completed student who is not formal helper) and we will do our best to guide you. If there is something that needs to be improved upon at a center to make your experience better we encourage you to inform staff and/or find a center that better suites your needs. However in the end, the objective is to throw away concerns, so it's often beneficial to self-reflect with meditation while doing so.

Finances/ Money

Is the goal of this meditation to make money?

No. The goal is to help as many people as possible become and live completely and truly as the universe mind. Centers charge a membership fee in order to pay rent and other overhead needs.

Why do you charge for the meditation services?

Centers must charge in order to pay for the necessary overhead fees etc. Many centers either run a deficit and/or are just 'breaking even.' Many centers are flexible and will try to find a payment plan etc. to make this study work for you. Please inquire at your center.

What does the monthly tuition fees go towards?

All income goes to maintaining the center to which the fee is paid. With the right number of students, a center is able to be self-sufficient. The income also pays for brochures, publicity, web design, posters, booth materials, and anything else that is necessary to make this method more accessible. Any extra profits may go toward helping centers that are having financial difficulties in order for them to become self-sufficient or toward opening more centers. The ultimate goal is to run as many centers as efficiently as possible so that more people can access and reap the benefits of the method, so that they can become free and complete.

Why can't I take a class or two, like other mediation centers, without signing up?

Our meditation method is a full discipline of study, similar to a martial arts institution or school. At the center we offer memberships to encourage students to complete the entire course. Just like how you wouldn't go to a University institution or martial arts school and expect to pay for and attend one 90 minute class. In this sense, our centers are just like schools.

We offer a free introduction to the basics so you can see if this study is right for you. Most students who have the "inner eyes" to hear the founders message at the introduction sign up right away without any reservations.

What are the various tuition options? Why do you offer a longer-term agreement?

The following tuition options for payment are generally provided: unlimited classes month by month or if desired, a one-year or two-year membership by agreement (at a discounted monthly rate). The rates differ at each center.

Centers have a long-term agreement simply to encourage students to commit to becoming the universe mind entirely by completing all levels (minimum time to finish is six months, but it varies from person to person). With the longer term agreements, at most centers they offer the ability to take breaks without additional charges. This will depend on the agreement you have signed/ made with your center.

If you sign up for the agreement, you are absolutely free to cancel it at any time, however if you choose to end your membership, just like a gym membership, a cancellation fee may be charged at your center. Again, this will depend on the agreement you have signed/ made with your center.

What is the business status the centers?

Centers in the United States are run separately and most are recognized as their own 501(C)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. Please ask your center and/or accountant if payments are tax-deductible. There is no hierarchical organization or not-for-profit that centers are accountable to, rather centers in close proximity work together in coexistence to share in mutual aid and professional development.

Do people donate money to meditation centers? If so, why? And where does it go?

In many cases, people will donate to their centers within their means by their own free will, just like how people donate to foundations, causes, or their alma maters. This is out of gratitude for the positive changes as a result of the services provided. Donations also go toward developing and promoting current centers and also opening new centers in different locations.

Will I have to pay more per level?

No. However, there are services offered in addition to the 1-7 levels. Your participation in these additional services does not affect completing the levels.

Services offered outside of the tuition depend on the center, however at centers you can often find the sale of books, CDs, and even T-Shirts. 'Chun-do' is a service offered outside of the monthly agreement and it is related to the impacts of intergenerational trauma and more closely defined as ancestral rites of passage. Chun-do is a completely optional service and one can complete the entire program without ever participating in it. Another service offered is a retreat that you can choose to attend following the completion of the levels. It is a workshop/retreat and is considered the full finalization of the program. These retreats are held throughout the world and the individual who wants to participate covers the expenses for his or her own trip. In the past it has cost between $150 -300 per day (including room, board and meditation program). Your attendance is optional, as with everything else. However, after experiencing the benefits and authenticity of the method following the completion of the steps, it is rare that a student chooses not to attend. The retreat is usually not discussed in detail with students until later in the program simply to not overwhelm new students, so that they can focus solely on discarding their false minds. Please see the question "what does the retreat fee go towards?"

What does the retreat fee go towards?

Just like any yoga or meditation retreat, the individual who wants to participate must cover the expenses for their own trip. The retreat fee covers room, board, and educational programming, which then go toward maintaining centers around the world. Most often the money that a student donates at the retreat is used to open new centers, so that the method can be more accessible to more people across the world. None of the money is used for personal profit for anyone.


Is prior experience with meditation required?

No. The method is designed to be accessible to all people, regardless of education, age, experience with meditation etc. Children as young as six years old have been known to meditate and they tend to grasp the concepts right away and love it.

Is anything mandatory for students?

No. Student or staff participation in anything at the center is by choice and free will.

How often do students meditate?

Students meditate as much or as little as they wish and have access to unlimited meditation time at the centers during normal operating hours. As students progress in the levels, it becomes easier to meditate for a longer period of time. However, every student chooses what is right for him or her self.

Students are encouraged to meditate as much as possible to see results and reach completion faster (currently the program can be completed within six month, but it varies from person to person). Since the main goal is for students to be happy, each member chooses the speed that brings balance and joy to his or her life.

What types of people meditate?

Students come from all walks of life with different cultural, racial, gender, and socioeconomic backgrounds: stay-at-home parents, teachers, restaurant staff, students, home health care aids, retired elders, professionals with PhDs, unemployed, correctional officers, nurses, social workers, photographers, lawyers, scientists, doctors, etc. Some people come to meditation seeking relief from depression or anxiety, while others come already content with life and are seeking a more permanent state of peace and wisdom.

Are there rules that you have to follow while being a student?

No; there are no rules in the universe, only nature’s flow, therefore there are no set rules within our community or method. Each person is simply here to look at his or her own self and discard that self with the method. But just as one would be courteous or abide by respectful etiquette at other public places, it is an appreciated practice at the center as well.

Hear from students

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Why might a student feel there are cultural barriers?

Since some meditation helpers are from Korea origionally, this has sometimes caused communication breakdowns due to language and cultural barriers with North Americans. Overall the method and its results transcend culture and race so any perceived conflict will eventually disappear once it is thrown away from the false human mind. Ultimately, the objective of the method is to discard the false mind and to discover the True Mind inside us. Therefore, students along with staff are encouraged to throw away whatever comes up and process any percieved cultural barriers in efforts to overcome them.

Are students encouraged to engage in dialogue about their process with the method?

Yes. Given the magnitude of this meditation, questions, comments, disagreements, and/ or dialogs are welcomed, as well as encouraged. Nonetheless, the style of the dialog is always subject to the personality of your guide(s) at a center. Students are encouraged to seek discussions with guides whom they feel are a better fit for their own process along this path. Many meditation guides are of Korean descent and this can add to language and cultural barriers at times for Western students new to the practice. However, overall the method and the results from the method transcend culture and race.

Ultimately, the objective of the method is to discard the self and not to create new concepts, beliefs or thoughts, therefore students along with staff, are encouraged to throw away whatever comes up.